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The Love is Real

I won't be going to Axel's house to give him loves and a massage anymore. I am heartbroken to have had to say goodbye to him this week. I am so very thankful that his people took care of him and recognized his need to leave us. I know its a great thing to be able to relieve the pain of our pets, but its so very hard. Axel was a great client - eventually! Dane's are stubborn with the strength and weight to back it up! If he didn't want to lay down or flip over, well, it took a couple of us and some treats. And it was all a ploy! He loved his rubs and would almost always fall asleep. On our last session, he was not relaxing and kept lifting his giant head to look me in the eye as if to say - this is my life. His home life had gotten fuller in the last year. Already with a young boy, now there was a new one - who is walking now, plus another Dane puppy who grew like a weed and still doesn't know where his feet are - which would sometimes be on Axel's head! Finally he gave a deep doggy sigh and fell asleep. I've been working one him for over two years, twice a month. I get attached almost immediately to my clients. Once I put my hands on them - they are MINE! But the knowing that he isn't with us anymore is more heartbreaking than usual. It is part of the job as I work almost exclusively with seniors - not that it makes it any easier. His person was delightful in all aspects of being a mom to Axel and her human kids - but Axel was the first baby. So I know what a hard decision it was - but she couldn't have him in pain and that's the greatest and hardest thing we can do for our furry family member. Fly free Axel!

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