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Thanks for the support!

Thanks to all my clients, friends and family that have been so supportive during the past few months as I deal with many medical issues and vision issues too. I have had multiple procedures and have been unable to drive. And for anyone who knows me understands what a nightmare for me that has been. But thankfully I have peple willing to drive me around to massages and walk me into the homes of my clients. And even pick me up when I fell down the stairs at a new clients home - luckily they didn't see me! Its been a challenge for sure. But the people an the dogs have been a great comfort to me. Even being mostly blind, I am able to give a goo dmassage! And I was able to see well enough to sit with a client while his people went on a cruise -so I felt less useless for a while. These are his feet and backside he presented to me while I was eating lunch! Its amazing how much you rely on your vision! Hopefully its a temporary things and I will be back to almost normal soon. I just wanted to thank everyone for putting up with all my limitations and helping me survive what has been quite the challenge for me. Thank goodness for dogs! They are such a comfort to me! And excuse any typos as I can't see what I am typing!

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