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My First Kitty Client!

After over a decade of offering animal massage, I finally had my first cat client! I do massage my own cates, but all three are feral - recovered feral but still their patience for any of it is very little and can turn on a dime from yeah, I love this to let me scratch and bite you!

Crazy the Calico is 16 and having some issues with her back and being stiff and tight. While the strokes are the same as they are for dogs, the energy is completely different. Most dogs are like - hey you are my new best friend - don't stop. Whereas cats are more - do I KNOW you? Proceed and we shal see.

I approached Crazy as if I were working with a wild animal. A small house tiger perhaps. Slow, steady and firm pressure - nothing light, nothing that makes nerves jump and skin roll. It seemed to work and everyone was happy. I was so thrilled, I completely forgot to take her picture!

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