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Love Wins

Working with mostly seniors means saying goodbye all too often. Rex was a rescue from a very hard life. When his person rescued him they said maybe six months of togetherness and hospice care. But love wins baby! He was so loved and cared for a catered too that he was with us for over three years! I am honored to have been part of that circle of love. Rex loved his massages and was often so relaxed or sleeping that I could flip him over before he knew what was happening - a bamboozle for sure! When his back legs got so weak and he couldn't go upstairs to sleep with his person, she moved into her office downstairs so he wouldn't have too. Treats, meds, more treats and supplements to help him be comfortable in his last months all helped extend his sweet life. It breaks my heart to know that he is gone but also makes me happy that he is no longer struggling or in pain.

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