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Hardest Thing - But also the Best

Twinkie was a fairly new client and I only got to work with him for a couple of months. He was special in that he didn't really care to be touched - at least not very much. He was in pain and it felt better to him to have me just sit with him, do some Reiki and not rub anything. His exact age was unknown but it was more than 16 for sure. He was rescue by a wonderful family who gave him his best life.

Thankfully, all my clients know how attached I become to their pets, so when the decision to help Twinkie transition was made, they let me

know right away so I could come by for a last bit of loves. It was nice, family and friends were there. We toasted to "winks" and they all told me wonderful stories about him in his youth including all the trouble he got in. He had recently started to wake up his Dad at about 3am wanting to go for walks. The neighbors were worried about the Dad out walking at 3am because they could see Twinkie who was all black!

Its always hard to say goodbye to our pets but it is also one of the greatest things we can do to spare them pain and suffering. Twinkie was easy to know when - he stopped eating and food was his thing. Fly free sweet boy!

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