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Generous Tucker!

Tucker (the one with the harness) is getting massages to relax his muscles from compensating for the cast on his front leg. It is a heavy cast and protecting the new plate and pin in his "ankle". This was his third visit and because the air quality was so horrible in Spokane that day, his housemates, Ashley and Annie (standing) were in the house with us. This was a calm scene right after I was mobbed upon arrival by all of them!

I had mentioned to their person that Ashley being 12 and having some arthritis issues, should have a massage too and she agreed. I was planning to do Tucker first, but he generously got up and let Ashley take his spot. But not for long! He lay next to us for about 30 minutes and then got up and started barking to indicate is was his turn! It was hilarious to me how these three interact and slightly manipulate each other.

Ashley was happy to relinquish the floor and went over to the other side of the room and promptly fell asleep! Her snores kept us company for the rest of the session. Maybe next visit Annie will get some leftover rubs!

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