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Fluffy Dogs are Fun!

Sweet, darling Amy with her long white and gray furs! Fluffy ears, fluffy belly, super fluffy "pants". She is a newish client who enjoys weekly massages to help with her arthritis and mobility. Having the long, fluffy furs, I am able to do strokes that are stimulating and get her skin and blood moving and ready for massage. She is a mini Aussie who is deaf and mostly blind. Her people - two delightful sisters - adopted her from local Double J Dog Ranch whose mission is to rescue dogs with special needs. She likes to be cuddled and held while getting a massage. Luckily she's not very big and I can do most strokes with one hand while cupping her head with the other. Amy is a double merle. Those with this coloring are almost always blind or deaf or both - by no fault of their own, its a breeding - bad breeding result. They don't know they are different and with the training from Double J - hand or touch signals - the are a great addition to your family! Check the available dogs here:

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