Happy I Get to Work with Dogs!

We are all in the same boat right now - and its an adjustment for many. I feel for those extroverts and huggers - it must be quite the trial. For me - luckily - its about normal! I am enjoying extra time with my pets and getting my house project list completed - sort of on the later. Mostly I've been doing what the dogs do - sleep, drink, eat, stretch, move to another spot to sleep. Getting excited to see a car, the mailman, another cat/dog/squirrel.

I appreciate the clients who have stayed with me through this time and understand those who are being careful. I respect that and look forward to starting up again once it is safe. In the meantime, as long as I am clear of sickness, I am ready and able to do massages. And now that its nice out, I am happy to perform the service outside to help with social distancing while still providing this service.

In the meantime, I am giving my pups stuff to do that I think is fun!

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