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Even Cats Need a Rub - or Reiki

This is my half feral cat Pebbles. She is about 12 now. Being feral she is not all that affectionate. About once or twice a year she jumps on a lap and wants to be pet - for about ten seconds, then she bites you to let you know you've overstepped your boundaries!

But in the last two months, she has been presenting herself after I've finished with my dogs - takes their place when the leave and sometimes just lies next to me. She doesn't want a massage however. She responds to that by eeling around and squirming and just refuses to lay still to get any type of massage.

What she is responding to and wants is the Reiki treatment. So this is what I do for her. Just keeping my hands hovering over her hips - since that is what she presents to me - and creating a healing space of energy for her. See - her little eyes are closes and she is still. If not then this would be a blurry picture like almost all her other ones. And when she's had enough - she gets up and leaves - so far, no biting which is nice for me.

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