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When they finally love me

Look at that face! Gordon is a grumpy old man who've I've been working on for almost a year. He is small and easy to move, but he growls little growls at me the whole time. For the first few sessions, he would get up and have to be brought back - don't get me wrong - he liked the rubs, but he is very, very stubborn. This last session he was completely ready and welcomed it with NO growls at all. It was very sweet and for the first time, I had to wake him up when we were done. After him, I try to give his house mate - a young and bouncy Shiz Tsu a rub. Usually Winston is NOT in the mood and rather be playing or be with his people. But today, he really wanted one and he too fell asleep during his rub! About half way into it, Gordon came back to me and nudged my hand off of Winston and onto himself! Very sweet and satisfying for me.

And since they are both small dogs, I could do both of them and this is how we ended up.

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