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Reiki and Cats

If you are a cat owner you understand how a cat's mood and needs can fluctuate. They beg for a loves and rubs and once you start - then they bit you! I have three cats, one who is half feral and they are ALL this way. You just never know what you are going to get! The half feral one - Pebble - is about 12. She's NEVER wanted to be pet much. If you try, she eels around, won't lay still and digs her claws into what every body part she is next to.

In the last few weeks she has decided she really REALLY wants to be pet - but she still does this very painful method of accepting the pets. Enter Reiki. Being an energy work technique it requires NO physical contact. It can also be applied with just a touch - no movement - or what I call a non-movement massage.

So far this has worked very well for her and my tender body parts. I can just place a hand or two on her with a medium pressure and focus my intent. She will lay still for this with only a bit of paw movement - but no CLAWS thank goodness. This is a win/win for us both.

Anyone can learn Reiki - it just takes practice and concentration. Essentially it is meditating with your animal present and creating a calm, healing space for them. See my page with details about this technique.

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