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Why I do Events

When I started on this pet journey five years ago, pet massage was just about an unknown service. Because pet owners didn't know about it, they weren't searching for it. The only and best way I could reach these people and educated them on this wonderful option, was to go to events.

This takes a huge amount of time, energy and money! You have to equip yourself with things like a canopy that won't blow away (I've lost two), stakes and weights to make sure that doesn't happen again. It has to have a top vent and maybe some side panels. Then tables, holders for your cards and flyers, etc.

After a couple of events, it became clear that my booth was boring! I did not bring a demo dog with me because there was just too much going on to give a good demonstration of the benefits of massage. So I added some doggy things - funny magnets, adorable earrings and some products I use and recommend.

Now it was a bit more interesting. I also got a nice banner with a photo of a dog on a massage table. It was amazing to me how many people would walk by, see this and then laugh and/or snort about the idea of animal massage - and I was right there! How rude!

After the years have gone by, I've added and changed items, layouts and venues. But what has become clear to me why I do it - it is just so I can pet as many dogs as possible! Plus its really nice to have pet friendly events for all the good, social dogs to get out and have an adventure. It amazes me the variety of breeds I see and get to rub on for a bit.

So be sure to check out the events page and come see me!

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