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The Love of a Hound

About five years ago I met my first real hound - I mean the baying, focused type of hound. It was my first foray into doing overnight pet sits. Our introduction went okay - if being semi attacked upon entry! The first evening I made a sandwich and left it on the counter while I grabbed a drink - it was taken. By who? I don't know. Then I set my glasses down - gone. Those I found and still have them with two perfect teeth points in one lens.

Since then, we've become close and comfortable - altho on the first meeting I am still semi attacked, but the duration is much much shorter. And my food and glasses are now safe - we've all learned some manners.

I love these hounds - Hitcher and Brixie. Maybe too much - especially since they aren't mine. Luckily, their wonderful people, Allison & Ted seem to completely understand this and don't think its weird at all - which makes me very lucky and appreciative.

Sweet Hitcher in his younger days!

Sadly, after getting cancer - but surviving way past his given time left by almost two years- Hitcher transitioned suddenly last week. I mean, we all knew it was eventual, but it happened quickly which is both tragic and a relief - no decisions to be debated. My heart is broken. I am SO thankful to have been a small part of his life and that I just got to love on him for a couple nights just three weeks ago. It was very touching to me that I was notified almost immediately - his people truly understand my attachment.

Hitcher was a very reserved, sort of stoic kind of dog - but an excellent snuggle hound! He would let Brixie lick on his ear when she was nervous or upset - and I mean lick and lick till it was a gooey mess. He could hear me open a bag of treats from upstairs in a bedroom and race down to get his share. He was also sneaky. If he wanted a treat he would pretend he needed to go out and then come back in to get one. Then look up on top of the fridge and back to me several times in case I wasn't getting the hint!

When it was time for bed, there would be a race into the bedroom to get the good spot - or for me - to HAVE a spot at all! The last time this happened, I got there first and established my two feet wide of space. He jumped up, did three or four turns -then lay down with about a 1/3 on him on my hip - then looks at me as if to say - checkmate!

Our last couple evenings together will live in my heart for their simple contentment. Sitting on the couch watching a movie with a warm hound on either side of me. This is my sweet spot- cozy and able to pet both dogs at the same time. This is how I will remember our time together. But be sure to scroll on down to the May 10, 2015 post for another Hound tale!

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