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I'm Published! Well, sort of - I'm IN the Magazine Anyway

This month there is a wonderful article about all the great and wonderful benefits of animal massage. I'm being honest and no, I didn't write it! Buts directly and how to get me to come see your critter and work my magic.

Animal massage is still a new offering here in the Spokane area. To get the word out I do events so I can talk to people directly about it because since its not well known, no one is online searching for it - which is why I decided to try some print advertising and see how that worked - so far its great!

This magazine is FREE and can be picked up physically from many locations like grocery stores and such (some of us old people like a paper copy) but it is also available to read online for free - no subscriptions, you don't have to enter your information and favorite kind of peanut butter just to look at it, so that's refreshing.

Here is the link to the site. The massage article is on page 21 and stuff about me on 22 and 30 - I'm all over it!

Please share to all your pet owner/lover friends and family!

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