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Happy Dogs - Happy Me!

Some days I wonder why I am driving all over the county to give loves and rubs to dogs - usually when its pouring rain and/or snowing. Then I remember, the dogs do NOT care what the weather is! I am still amazed at how good I feel after a session! I'm giving the loves and happy energy - and I am getting it right back! It makes any drive worth it! I had a full weekend of massages and woke this morning feeling very centered and refreshed! So thanks to all my clients and their people for letting me into their homes and lives for a bit!

First I had Rex - he's such a love! I adore this Zen look on his face after we were done. It took him a few sessions to realize how great it is and at the last one, I was chatting with his person and he came over and flopped right down between us as if to say - yeah, whatever ladies, I'm ready!

Earlier I was sitting and gave these cuties their very first rubs! Jaxson is one of the largest Shepherds I've ever seen. He certainly stretched the limits of MY flexibility.

And his companion, Nala, she was very self satisfied after hers and to me this looks says - finally, my subjects are serving me property! She is SO velvety smooth and that delightful silver/gray color.

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