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Let the animals lead - which is why I'm in a kennel!

As an animal Reiki practitioner - in addition to massage - one of our precepts is: Let the animals lead. Here are some photos to prove that I will be led anywhere! This is Lily and she was SO EXCITED to have her first massage, that she could hardly contain herself - that it, until she did! First sessions can be calm and easy, or they can be a bit more disjointed since its all new to the pup - me, the strokes, etc. After some time of jumping around and getting up and down, having her person sit with us, she finally headed to her GIANT kennel. Having trained for

one of my courses at the Oregon Humane Society where they just said - hop in the kennel - I was ready and able to follow her in! Very spacious and it helped Lily calm down since that is her safe place. She then allowed all the introductory strokes and even some stretches. Afterwards, she was exhausted by the fun and excitement and had a nice long nap!

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