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Sassed by a Shepherd!

In my experience - so far - some dogs make some make groaning/happy/relaxed noises, or they are perfectly quiet - or there is snoring which is always great.

This is Pepper and she is the first dog to talk to me and give sass the whole time! It was hard to not laugh and keep focused. I'm sure she was telling me a good doggy tale, and I tried to respond correctly but I'm not sure if it went well.

Pepper is a sweet senior gal who seems to be suffering from the dreaded degenerative myelopathy that many shepherds get. For this, I spend as much time on her hips and legs, stimulating circulation and stretching. She watches me and talks for all of it. The funniest was when she REALLY wanted me to stay on her lower back area and if I deviated she looked right at me and sassed away - then stopped when I went back to where she wanted me to be! As my reiki teacher says - let the animals lead!

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