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This past Saturday was the first NW Pet Expo event. It's been a while since there's been an event of this size. I think just about every pet service provider and vendor and rescue was there! It was just one day - hopefully two days next year - and thousands of people came. I like doing the events because it allows me to interact with pet owners, answer their questions and even introduce them to the benefits that massage can offer their pets. I also like petting all the dogs - except this even did not allow pets!?! Just service animals. So I had to escape my booth a couple times to go to the area where the rescues were and was able to love on some dogs there. Thanks to my clients who stopped by to say hi - that's always a treat. And I'll apologize right here for not remembering your name, but I remember the dog's! This event was SO busy, I ran out of supplies and change even. It was very professionally executed - I really liked that I didn't have to haul my canopy and they had the drape dividers. Now I have to go and order more earrings and magnets as I sold almost all I had! Thanks for all of those who attend. I think the next event will be the first weekend of May - The Dog D'Alene event. I'll post details as soon as I have them.

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