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It can take some time - but not much

I would say that 97% of my clients only take a few minutes to get acclimated to the wonder that is massage. But some take a bit longer - the stubborn ones, the ones that are reluctant to enjoy themselves or have issues with being touched by a stranger. This is Tucker - a cutie mix that was very hesitant to enjoy himself. He would just being to relax under my hands and his eyes would start to shut and then SNAP - he was tense and wide awake. He just couldn't or wouldn't give in, at least not all the way.

He'd give me the look over the shoulder -as if to say "and what do you think you are doing?" But the second visit he was more relaxed and not needing to get up and walk away. But the third visit, it was just a few seconds before he was relaxed and then giving me the look that says - "where have you been all my life?" Just love that! The owner had given him some CBD oil for his anxiety and that may have helped a bit, but I'm going to pretend it was all me!

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