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Sometimes the people are nice too!

I see that almost all of my posts are just about the animals - which is mostly how I feel. And their people are always nice too - but once in a while I feel a click with the people - in that we are all on the same page when it comes to our animals.

Last night I had the pleasure of massaging two super sweet dogs - Cooper the Golden and Beans the Great Pyrenees. In addition to them both being PERFECT first time massage recipients - their people were great too.

I like when the people stay with me during the first massage since we can chat about the issues the dog has and I can explain what I'm doing and why. In this case, during our two hours together, I was so entertained by stories that I possibly enjoyed myself MORE than the dogs!

Vanilla "Beans" is my first Pyrenees and I was fascinated by her coat - a double coat and very different texture. They agreed it was different and then shared that it was amazing in that she could be rolling in mud and then it just all falls off when it dries. Or - my favorite - of how it collects things like leaves and twigs and bug and even a FROG! I don't know why, but this struck me as hilarious! Especially if you are one to sleep with your dogs - SURPRISE! Af frog visitor in the middle of the night!

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