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And now for the smallest client!

I really enjoy the many varieties of dog breeds I get to love on. I thought it was fun that the last two were the biggest and now the smallest - so far anyway.

This is Stewart - isn't he a doll?

He's a brindle dachshund! This was his first massage and he enjoyed it - once he gave in and stopped being stubborn! His little eyes would flutter and he'd just be nodding off and then he'd wake himself up and look at me.

It was a treat to be able to move him around and not have to strain anything to do so. He enjoyed all the different strokes and let me stretch his itty bitty legs too.

Usually when the session is over - the pups are sleepy and relaxed. Not Stewart though! He became super spunky and wanted to play! So we did - I'm always happy to oblige my clients in whatever manner they'd like.

Can't wait to see him again! Oh, and I was treated to nice howling sere

nade afterwards too!

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