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Okay, I lied - THIS is my biggest client (so far)

And let's hope no bigger! This is Tonka - a 160 pound Great Dane. It's deceptive how he looks just like your average dog in this picture, but he's HUGE - in a good way. This was his first massage and he did very well - once he gave in and relaxed! It tested the limits of my flexibility though! I am determined to come up with some sort of dog lazy susan type of bed so I can just move the pups about to get to all their parts without disturbing them too much.

Being as big and heavy as he was, it was out of my power to flip him over and he was not in the mood to move! So he was very well treated - on mostly one side! Doing his paws was fun as they were as big as my whole hand! Should have got a picture of that, but I always seem to forget to set up a camera before I get started. His owners are wonderful animal-lovers who also foster Danes too. At this point there was three in the house, plus two teeny tiny Pomeranians! But they all got along just fine - it makes for an interesting picture when you first see them all together.

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