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Basset Love!

One of the ways I try to meet pet people is by doing events throughout the year. And while I tell people its to increase my business and clientele - mostly, its so I can pet all the dogs! Since becoming a massage therapist, I feel its my duty to lay my hands on each and every dog I come across. This can be alarming to people just out on the street and I approach them (sometimes from across the street) and especially when I'm on vacation and missing my dogs, but much more natural when I'm vending at these doggy events. This photo was taken by Mary of Washington Basset Rescue and this is Sadie, a former rescue. Isn't she darling! I love me a low-rider dog!

This was the Dog Festival at the Southside Community Center in Spokane. Its one of my favorites because its indoors and they provide a table and chairs for me - so its easy to set up alone.

Please view my list of upcoming events to visit me, see the other vendors and pets (and their people).

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