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Almost Immediate Results

Sweet Charlie Girl

This is Charlie girl - she is being fostered by Stephanie at Pawsitive Connection Dog Training. She is an older girl with some issues including the loss of use of her back legs. At first it was thought she was paralyzed, but it turns out she was just so malnourished and sick that her muscles atrophied.

It was my pleasure to visit her on a Sunday afternoon and see if we could bring some comfort to her as well as do some stretching and help with the circulation to get those muscles built back up.

She was an ideal client, all cuddled up and on her bed and ready for me to get to work. She relaxed right into the massage and allowed me to do some good work on her freshly washed self. I am in the midst of learning and being certified in Reiki - and energy work system - so I employed what I knew so far and she seemed to enjoy that.

Once I was finished and she was asleep, she started dreaming. And like most dogs, she was dreaming about fun stuff like chasing a ball! And sure enough, both her back legs and feet starting "running" - it was so cute and a wonderful example of how massage can help. Very rewarding to me. Stephanie told me that she was all perky and wanting to eat after she woke from her nap!

So while not all sessions result in immediate responses, this was a wonderful treat! Look at that cute tongue sticking out!

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