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I'm ready for Spring

Wouldn't it be nice for winter to be confined to specific dates? So you would know exactly when to get out your boots and when you could stop worrying about being pulled to your death while walking a dog on the snow/ice/melting areas? I know I would.

This weekend I sat a cat and dog - Zoomie (a ragdoll) and Felix. Both darlings, easy to watch and hang out with. Sadly, due to our city's weird plan of where, when and how to plow a street, you never know what you area going to encounter. In other news, I caught Zoomie up on the bathroom counter licking my toothbrush - I think that means he likes me - right?

It was a nice sunny weekend so I was in the mood to take little Felix for a walk. Sadly, that did not work out.

The plows had come down their road and then for some reason, stopped right before this house and the one next door. Their driveway they had cleared nicely but there was a huge sheet of ice on the sidewalk at the end of the driveway with huge solid snow/ice berms to either side.

I had Felix. I had my boots on. Surely I could manage to walk the five feet carefully over the ice to the clear and dry road - right? That shouldn't be too much of an issue for a grown person who's been walking in the winter for years. No biggie. The ice had other plans. In addition to being ice, it was also very uneven, wavy and covered with water from the sun. I took a step, then another and my feet started going every which way till finally I did a slow, graceful fall to my side. I could hardly gain my footing to get up!

I'm sure Felix rolled his eyes at me because being he has built-in four-paw drive and nails, he didn't have this issue. He just waited for me to get back up and tell him - sorry pup, we'll be playing indoor games up and down the stairs. I may have heard a puppy sigh.

When I'm doing overnight sits, I always do a massage for the pups - cats if they'll let me - and this was no different. What was, was that Felix is a nice compact size and was able to lay right between my legs on the couch and get his rubs that way. I think he enjoyed himself quite a bit.

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