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Perfect First Time Client - And the largest too!

While taking the hands-on practical at the Northwest School of Animal Massage, they provide the dogs for us to practice on. Which was great. However, it did set the standard pretty darn high as to what to expect out in the real world. These dogs were PROFESSIONAL massage recipients. They all knew exactly what was coming and would allow themselves to be moved around and didn't object to anything we did - even we beginners.

As I've done this out on my own for the past two years, its come to my attention that while all dogs eventually enjoy a massage - there is a learning curve for many - and for me!

So you can imagine my thrill and pleasure at having a first time massage with Presley the St. Bernard play out as possibly the most perfect session ever!

Granted, her people have rubbed on her so she didn't mind that at all! But to let me, a stranger, flop down with her and try out different strokes and stretching was a happy surprise! This photo was about one minute into her session and she was already completely relaxed.

I've suggested that she can come be my "demo" dog at classes and events since she displayed the perfect example of the results that massage provides. To be fair, she was pretty calm before I started - but I'm still going to claim the eventual snoring as MY handiwork! Now if only my OWN dogs were as receptive! You can read about that in the blog - the worst client.

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