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How many dogs are too many?

During the holidays I am called upon to do many sits and visits for folks heading out to do their holiday celebrations. This year I only had two clients but as one of them was SIX dogs, it seemed like more.

I've always only had a maximum of two dogs myself. I've thought to have more, but always felt I would not be able to give enough attention to all of them. After spending time with this herd - I stand behind my decision.

These are all sweet and loving pups - so that makes it easier. The two on the bed are Mushu and Tsov Me (jaw me) and on the couch are Spikey, Mitsy, Joey and Fluffy. By the time we were into our fourth interaction, we had our routine down. Quick potty break, kibbles, second longer potty break and then cuddle time.

I would sit in the middle of the couch and the pups would arrange themselves all around me to receive as many pets and rubs that I could hand out. If I was neglecting Mushu, she would stare at me and make little growly noises. If I took my hands off of Mitsy, she started squirming around to get on my lap. I finally figured out how to put two under my arms and pet with my hands and then they felt like they were getting rubs. It was quite the operation. But they liked it and so did I.

Luckily this family has enough members to pass out just the right amount of attention.

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