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Who's the worst client?

Most of the time I am working with pups who are not known to me, especially at first. They may take a few to get to know me, sniff around, circle, etc. But eventually they lay down, relax and allow me to move them around throughout the session.

Who doesn't let me do this? My OWN dog. I know, not a good recommendation to my skills! But it's a fact. Trixie is very feisty to begin with. And in all honesty, she's my husband's dog. She was supposed to be mine - handed to me on July by my brother. She was just that - a handful. But she'd already imprinted on men folk and that's who she likes, so there.

She will come to me and lay down, sort of. There has to be some time spent convincing her its okay and that it will be fun. She will let me get into the session a bit and then suddenly roll over so all I get is her belly. So belly rubs happen for a spell and then I move her back into position.

And heaven forbid I want her to flip over - or try to move her myself - then there is growling and looking at me out of the corner of her eye. It's all for show and I'm not worried that she'll bit me or anything. I just find it highly amusing that my OWN dog mostly refuses and fights me for getting a massage!

Trixie Giving me the "eye"

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