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Falling in Love ~ Then Loss

I love animals - dogs especially - as is obvious from my career choice. I knew I would get to know the critters and love to be with them. What I didn't really count on was how fast I become attached to them! If I drive by their street or neighborhood, I think about them. I think about stopping in to say HI - but I don't.

As you might expect, many of my clients are older or have serious health issues, so they end up leaving and moving on to the next adventure. I've already had to say goodbye to a couple but haven't posted anything here or on Facebook or anything like that. What I do is to send condolences to their people - and that's it.

This doesn't mean I don't want to remember or honor them or the feelings of their people. It means that I want to keep them in my mind and heart as they were when they were here - and remember and focus on that. Much of that is self preservation, but some of it is to combat all the terrible tales and happenings that I come across every day online. Some people just suck! It hurts my heart to read about those sad stories - even when the outcomes are happy. I know - I'm a wuss.

My admiration goes out to all the people who volunteer at the shelters, who do the rescues and see first hand those hard stories. I'm so glad there are people out there who can do those things and stay strong. I would freak out and be no good to anyone. Instead I grimace, squinch my eyes closed and send some money and happy thoughts.

Just because blog posts without photos are boring - a pic of my pup Ranger showing me his teeth. I love it! Then I wait just in case he's about say something spectacular!

My Pup Ranger - Still Here & Still Grinning!

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