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Volunteering is Fun

I decided to volunteer at SCRAPS - one of our local shelters and animal control operations - to keep my skills honed AND to help the pups. I went to a class for it and got my neon green VOLUNTEER shirt so I was all ready to go.

I had planned to walk a dog or three and then give them a massage. The coordinator, Karen, said I could use the grooming salon for a little privacy for me and the dogs. But for my first visit, I thought I would just do some playing and see how it all worked out.

Saturday's last shift was mine - and I had no other volunteers with me. I took out my first dog - a huge senior dog with hip issues. He is an Anatolian Shepherd and something else. Very sweet, walked like a dream. He was up for playing in the little yards, so since there was no other people or dogs in the area, I walked him around a few laps. He stretched his legs and once we were back in the play yard, I was able to give him a little mini massage and try and help his hips a bit. Success! He was able to take a poo! This is very exciting as his chart said he hadn't gone for two days.

Next I took a little scruffy dog who was an expert ball fetcher - he too got a little rub. I grabbed a beautiful pitty and had company for that one - a gal showed up and said she was going to take him out - but not being a volunteer herself, I was a bit confused, but let her come along. He seemed to love her and let me do a few rubs too.

They announced they were closing then. I asked a staff member if I could do one more dog. She said sure, the staff was there for an hour after they closed anyway. So me and a very young and bouncy pointer went out for a walk around and play. He hopped up on the bench and let me give him some love and rubs. We went to go back in the building - the door was locked! The back area of the facility is fenced in with power gates and razor wire. So, I pounded and pounded on the door. Luckily when you do this at a shelter, the dogs all bark so someone finally let us in.

I put the pointer boy away, grabbed my stuff and was headed out the door when I saw Mr Pointer running loose in the pod! When he saw me he came to the glass and wagged and smiled at me! No workers around so I went back in and after some chasing and games, finally got him back in his kennel and locked it! Smart smart puppy!

Quite the adventure for my first 90 minutes of being a volunteer!

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