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Some dogs just don't want a massage!

Given this is a new offering and not many people are familiar with the benefits, I sometimes offer free demos so they can see for themselves the benefits of getting a massage for their dog. Yesterday I offered a couple to the clients of a local boarding and daycare facility.

When I showed up I was excited to see one of the dogs was a bulldog - which I've not massaged before. It's fun to do different breeds just to get my hands on them and feel the different muscle structure and see what techniques they like - it's a constant learning profession!

My first dog was a spaniel that was perhaps, the best client I've ever had. She had never had a massage before but settled right into it like she knew all about it. She let me position her easily and was so soft and silky I didn't want to stop.

Now in this environment it's a bit hard to keep their attention and for them to relax. The play area is full of othe dogs romping and barking and then walking but us to be dropped off or picked up, but usually - USUALLY - once I get my hands on them, they pay attention to what I'm doing. Well, this bulldog - Tank - was the exception. He was in no mood for me - except for what he wanted to do. Which was to hump! That's right, he is a very strong dog and tried moving me around so he could partake of what I can only assume is his favorite activity.

I am pretty strong myself and tried to move to different position, even to where I was standing over him and had him trapped between my legs for about 10 seconds - that was it! Normally I do NOT retrain a dog at all - ever - but at this point it seemed like it was his way or my way! Needless to say - no massage. He's only the second dog to completely refuse me! But as I told the owner - who thought this was hilarious - perhaps a private visit would be better - with the owner present!

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