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It is so nice to get repeat clients! By the second or third visit they know just who I am and what is in store for them. Some take a bit longer though. I have a new one, a Golden Retriever named Bailey. He is what I call a "flipper". He enjoys the massage but has a hard time letting himself enjoy it! He will settle in and just as I get into the rhythm - he snaps too and jumps up and twirls around - facing me with all paws - which while cute, makes the massage a bit difficult. I will get him rotated and settled down for another four minutes - and he does it again. Doesn't matter what stroke or what body part I'm working on - he does the same thing.

I always worry then if the owner is watching that it looks more like I'm wrestling with their dog and not massaging! But I am - it's just a bit disjointed looking - but all the parts get touched eventually.

Bailey's house mate, Tobby, is a complete different story. He lies right down and looks up at me with adoring brown beagle eyes. Warms my heart. He lets me do the whole massage - even flipping him over - with complaint or extra movement. He KNOWS what a great thing it is.

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