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More Poop Stories - It's going to be a theme!

I've been walking a sweet Great Dane named Dexter. He's spotty and strong and I have to walk/run just to keep up with his loping gait. I've worked with big dogs before and mostly

I prefer them, but he is by far the tallest with his back just about at my waist.

We've gotten into a routine and he's lucky enough to have a person who has chosen not only a very pet friendly apartment, but it's also right next to a trail that is easy to get to.

Dexter is a bit skittish around screaming kids and lots of activity. Today being Sunday, there were lots of people out, so I took a different route to avoid them and make it easier on him. Usually, he has his certain spot for the pee and another for the poop - which is great because it's usually right next to the nicely placed "poo station" that features bags and a can. Very convenient.

Well, today he had to go before we got to his usual poop spot. He backed himself up to be perched on top of the rock wall that led down to a grassy area - where kids play. It was placed just so that the poops casually rolled off the rock and down into the grass. Well, only half of them did - remember, this is a big dog so things are big that come out!

Luckily, I had two bags with me, so I scooped the ones on the rock and then we climbed down to get the others. Well, this bag was one that had been in my pocket for a while, and perhaps had gone through the wash. Given that these are biodegradable, they don't do well in hot water. Which became instantly evident, when I realized I was scooping with my bare hand!

Dexter was not concerned and was ready to go. Not to worry, I'm not too squeamish and was able to adapt the bag - sort of - and get it to the can. I wonder if there were people watching me do this and laughing merrily!

So rule number two in regards to poop bags - check them before you scoop!

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