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Sweet Satchel & Playful Paige

Last night I had the chance to visit these sweet pups and take this terrible picture! They are not alien dogs, but lovely critters! They are traveling to a new home with their people so I wanted to give them some goodbye loves and their person happily and generously agreed. I've had a couple clients move away and for some reason, they never think to tell their sitter or massage person! Not that I blame them, but I wish I would know so I could plan to say bye. I wish the best for these people and their pets on their new home!

From January:

I really love working and caring with animals. Many times the owners provide for their pets in a different way than I might be inclined to do - but sometimes there is a unique story behind the reasons for the set up.

Paige is a cute, bouncy, pudgy black terrier with a white chest splash and Satchel is her companion and he looks like a golden lion - right down to the amber eyes! They live in a garage and are outside dogs. At first I was like - WHAT!?! Keeping dogs outside all the time is just no fun. But then I learned their story...

While on vacation in the southwest, these two came to their people, starving and injured. They kept coming back and in the end they were rescued and brought to Spokane to live. It was attempted to integrate them into a household of three cats - two of them older and set in their ways. It didn't work out so instead of just shipping them off to a shelter for someone else to deal with, the owners created a nice hacienda for them in the garage.

They have it insulated, plenty of beds and blankets, a doggy door to a small patch of yard so they are never cooped up and then they have run of the entire yard during the day. They have a heater, a webcam and even a night light! They are in heaven!

It seemed odd to me at first - since my dogs are super spoiled and sleep in the bed with me when they are not in one of the other three sleeping areas - but now I see how lucky Paige & Satchel are - how content. For being rescue dogs and probably starving at one point - they are sweet, not aagressive and take treats GENTLY from my hand - which is a nice treat.

I am glad there are people like this that open their hearts and homes (or garages) for animals who really need them.

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