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Reluctant Clients

I started massaging Mya a couple months back when she had tweaked her knee playing with her housemate, Diesel. Mya is a 45 pound Bulldog and Diesel is 80lbs - so you can see where tweaking might occur!

On my first visit, Mya was shy and Diesel - well he just wanted to dominate me. He did this by backing me up with his body, "nibbling" at my knees and trying to hump me! So no massage for him!

Over the weeks, he has become more friendly and mostly ignored me while I attended to Mya. She soon became accustomed to my presence and upon my arrival she would flop on the couch, belly up awaiting the opening rubs.

On my last vist - I belive our 12th, she presented herself for belly rubs on the couch, while Diesel - in an unusual move, moved himself from the couch to the dog beds on the floor - our usual massage place. He had to be relocated back to the couch when our session began.

And as I'm doing the massage on Mya, I notice that Diesel is slowly, but surely and steathily - moving closer to us the whole time tilll he is finally on the footstool about two feet away - watching us the whole time.

Mya - being true to her breed - decided she was done with our session and "escaped" as I call it. Diesel wasted no time in taking her place! So he enjoyed her leftover rubs! So, only 12 weeks till I convinced him that massage was a good thing to receive! Now I only wish I would have taken a video of him that first visit to compare it to this one!

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