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Reader Beware! A post of a personal nature

Underwear. Not a topic that comes up much in regular conversation. But underwear is fairly important and dry underwear, even more so.

Lately the Spokane area "enjoyed" almost three weeks of 90 to 100 degrees every dang day! No rain. Hardly a breeze or a cloud! It was getting to me as I'm more of a 74-79 type of gal. I run hot anyway so when it's like that the only thing that saves me is sitting in the basement, with the a/c on and as little clothing as possible.

Perhaps this is why I don't have too many visitors!

So as you can imagine, being out walking dogs, scooping the poop and playing with them is hot, sweaty work. What makes it worse - cotton undies. Once the cotton is wet - sorry sister, they are wet the rest of the day. It's not good for anyone and makes me grumpy.

The other solution - commando - not for this gal though.

You're welcome.

Luckily, fortunately I have found underpants to make me happy! They are a tad expensive but worth it. They wick moisture away so while they get wet, they dry fast and are oh so wonderful if there is a breeze. See, TMI just as warned.

They are from Duluth Trading company - which I thought just did men's clothing. But no, they have a whole line of women's AND their sizing goes up bigger than me - and that's saying something! They are called "buck naked performance briefs" - a grand name for a grand panty!

They also make a "dry on the fly" skort that is lightweight yet stretchy, that has tons of pockets - excellent for phone, keys, water, poop bags, etc. and AND it too dries fast. So you can imagine the wonder and joy of wearing these two items together! It's about magical.

So I don't know if it is just my current job situation, or the heat or my age that makes being comfortable so dang important and satisfying - regardless, it's made me happy unlike anything else in recent memory.

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