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The moral of the story - ALWAYS bring a poo bag!

This past weekend was very busy. Not only was I attending my first Agility Trial event to promote my business, but I was also back pet sitting with my two favorite Coonhounds - Brixie and Hitcher. It worked out nice because the event was only ten minutes away so I could do both.

After the Friday set up and spending a couple hours at the event - and watching my cheap canopy blow away - I thought I would unwind and reconnect with the hounds that evening with a nice stroll around the park.

So off we went on this lovely spring evening. Just a few blocks down and we are at the park when Hitcher does his business. I reach into my pocket to get the bag - no bag. Hmph - now I'll have to come back and pick it -ooh wait, now Brixie joins the fun. Still no bags - so I tromped over to the playground area thinking they might have some for me to use - nope. I look through the trash and find a nice BIG soda cup that will work.

Back to the poop - scoop, scoop, scoop and some more scooping. We head back to the trash bin and as we get close to it, I see another walker with her big fluffy dog standing there. Just standing. Now I've walked these dogs before several times, together. They are strong but I am stronger - or so I thought.

They really REALLY wanted to get to this dog and as I took a step down into the playground area - they took off like greyhounds! And they took me with them! So here we are racing across the park, two huge Coonhounds, one huge human and a giant cup of poo!

I actually yelled at the gal - I CAN'T STOP THEM!!!! But she just stood there like this was normal or something - or maybe she was filming it on her phone - I couldn't tell you. We hit the end of the play area and the beginning of the sidewalk - the hounds stopped JUST TO SNIFF THIS DOG while I and yes, the giant cup of poo went flying!

Luckily - luck on SO many levels - they weren't fighting, I didn't break a leg and amazingly enough - NO ONE was covered in poo. So as I sat there the gal looks at me and says - "that's why I never walk two dogs at once"

And it all could have been avoided if I had my poop bags with me!

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