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Spring in February

It's not that I don't enjoy 50 degree temps and the lack of snow - it just seems weird to have sunny, warm weather in February. The dogs don't mind at all though, daily walks and romps in the yard catching bubbles and no need to have on coats or have paws wiped of mud every time.

My husband the gardener is loving it too - he's chomping at the bit to plant things, but I keep reminding him that it can still freeze and the little seedlings would be Popsicles! So he just keeps digging holes.

What does this have to do with massage? Nothing! I am still working on the Level 200 for young, healthy dogs - agility and performance ones. I'm free from the job I held for over nine years and am enjoying this time at home building my business, meeting people in other dog and pet-related industries, volunteering at the local shelters and spending extra hours kanoodling with my own dogs

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