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Oregon Humane Society

All alone this time, I went to my second hands-on practical. This one was at the wonderful Oregon Humane Society in Portland. This place is amazing! Clean, HUGE, tons of community interaction and even an on-site vet clinic! Our class was small, which is always good for these things, and full of dedicated students. We got to massage the dogs right in the kennels! Which was a bit of a challenge for me - not being the smallest of people, it was quite the squeeze! But I'm happy to say almost every dog the students massaged was adopted! Happy dogs are just more appealing, relaxed and adoptable!

This class had lots of intense and lengthy techniques like manual lymphatic drainage. We also had a few field trips and special speakers that showed us water therapy and even acupuncture - which can only be done by a licensed Vet.

Another bonus was the special dogs that were brought in - most noteably from the "Angels with Misplaced Wings" sanctuary. I say sanctuary but it is really two men caring for special needs dogs right in their own homes. They are quite the inspiration to all pet lovers - find them on facebook to see all the photos and learn about them.

This week went fast - but was great and now I'm ready to get all licensed and take the BIG TEST!

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