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Winter hours - All days from 10am-4pm

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Rates & Deals


Introduction & Evaluation - $25*

This includes meeting your critter, taking information and introducing them to the massage touch. This can last from two minutes to twenty depending on the situation. This is up to the animal to decide. It's also your opportunity to ask me questions and see first hand the benefits of massage.


Regular Session - $60

This is for a standard massage session that can last from 40 minutes to and hour depending on the dog and the techniques indicated by their needs. My aim is 40 minutes uninterrupted. 

*** If you have pet insurance, many companies will cover the cost of massage sessions. Let me know this and I will generate invoices for you to submit. 


Repeat & Regular Sessions - Discount Varies

NEW SPECIAL - Add a session and/or another pet in the home for just $30 per massage & pet. Many clients are finding this to be quite beneficial for their critters. Contact me for details.



Kudos to you that rescue and foster and adopt! I offer a WELCOME HOME massage for just $10. The sooner this is done after the pup is in your home, the better. The goal is to make them settle into themselves and into their new home. 



If you refer someone and they complete at least one session, you get $10 off your next session. Help me spread the word about massage benefits! Thank you!

Prepare yourself and your pet for the massage:

Massaging animals is different from massaging humans. Animals dictate how long they are interested in receiving treatment - especially at the first session.


It is generally a new and different sensation, plus a new person touching them so it may take a while for them to adjust.

The ideal situation is to have a quiet area available with as few distractions as possible, and to have your pet clean and dry. This doesn't mean you have to give them a bath before I show up, but not muddy or full of burrs or something!

I am flexible as to where to do the massage, so I can be on the floor with them, or a bed, couch or even a chair - depending on the size of your pet and what they are comfortable with. I can do outside as well - in good weather - but I have found that this is usually not the best environment because there are distractions. And bugs. Don't care for the bugs. 

Have you made it this far? Wow! The other discount I have is for certain breeds. Why? Its mostly personal - ones that I've never seen or laid hands on and would like to. Plus it is beneficial for me to feel different anatomy and bone structure. Lots of difference between a Great Dane and a Bulldog! Discount is $10 off for these breeds:

French Bulldog

Collie - smooth or rough

Bull Terrier







Fox Terrier




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